Stranger Fascination

I am the type of person who will go out of their way to make sure that I ask the surly young cashier at Burger King, if they are having a nice day. I’m sure they never get asked that question. They are usually dumbfounded by the simple greeting as if it were a trick question.  One girl gave me a look that literally translated into “Please help me get out of this fast food hell hole”. Another kid  clearly thought I was being a jerk, and obviously did not want me to “Have it my way”.  

My Daughter, Samantha, is mortified when I talk to strangers in her presence.  She tells me in a stage whisper, “Mom, stop it!” Or, I hear her mutter to herself, “Oh my god Mom!”  She also doesn’t like when I address people in the retail or fast food industry by their names. For example, I might say, ” Hi Helen, how is your day today?”  Sam will almost immediately admonish me! When I ask her why, she says “It’s rude, and too personal!”  I am completely befuddled by this comment because Helen is wearing a name tag that says…wait for it……Helen!!!!  


Me, my hair, and I

I do my best thinking when I am fixing my hair in the morning. It is one of the few times I am actually completely in my own head. I hear no one, I see no one, I. Am. Focused!  

Thoughts ping around in my head like a pinball machine. Both ends of the spectrum are examined, if only fleetingly.  Occasionally, if my husband, Charlie, is in the same room, I might blurt out some absurd question or thought. They usually pop out of my mouth like a bullet out of a gun. It could be a question, odd fact, or observation.

For example, one morning while going through my grooming routine, I asked him, ” Hey Charlie, what do you think so and so meant when they said that I had an interesting shape? Do you think they meant that I am fat? Do you think they were checking out my boobs? And by the way, what do you think of my hair today?”  This all bursts out of my mouth like a machine gun, and I can see the wheels turning in poor Charlie’s head. As I stare him down waiting for an immediate answer to all questions, I can practically hear the wheels turning in his head. His eyes dart right and left searching for escape. Sometimes he just looks at me like I have lost my mind. In any case, he has learned to roll with it, and reassure me that my hair looks terrific, and that so and so was probably just jealous of my figure. God love him! I’m sure he feels like he dodges bullets like inanimate objects in a shooting gallery! He escapes to the breakfast room like a thirsty man rushes to a mirage in the desert. The bead of sweat running down the side of his face being the only evidence of the verbal assault he has suffered!  The sports page brings calming relief like a blankie….until the next encounter!


At The Starting Line

This is my first written sentence. The first step forward. It is utterly terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. My mind is swirling and churning a mile a minute with ideas and conversations I have heard. 

As apprehensive as I have been, strangely I feel elated; almost giddy with thoughts of future posts and musings!  So, having written my first words on this site, I close for now, but will return to what I hope is a satisfying, and even FUN endeavor!